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About Maggie's Cakes

Maggie's Cakes is named for Maggie Faralla and run by Zara Southard. The story of these women is one of creativity, passion, and appreciation for cake as well as each other.

In 2000 Maggie Faralla opened Maggie's Cakes to create artful wedding cakes that would add a spark to one-of-a-kind events, and add that spark she did. For over 14 years, Maggie built one of the leading wedding cake businesses in New Mexico.

During the early years of the business Zara worked with Maggie in the art of fondant and baking. Zara received her BFA with an emphasis in ceramics and quickly realized fondant is just clay made out of sugar.

When Maggie passed away in 2014, Zara decided to continue Maggie’s legacy and keep the business open. Although Zara very much has her own artistic eye and style, Maggie’s vivacious spirit and creative gusto are still the driving force behind every cake.


Zara grew up in a family of artists and sculptors. Her father, Charles Southard, is the creator of one of Santa Fe’s most iconic


images, the beloved steel burro located a block from the Plaza in Burro Alley. “My father worked with metal, Maggie and I chose cake."

Zara has always been attracted to the utilitarian in art, wanting to bring beauty to function. And ultimately she says, "there is nothing more functional than food".


"I do not see myself as a baker. I am an artist whose preferred medium is cake." says Zara. "For me making cakes is being commissioned to create a unique, one of a kind art piece that just happens to be deliciously edible. I am honored every time."



Maggie Faralla:

The Woman Behind the Name

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